Character Creation

  1. Chose Race: The following are the allowed races:
    Dray (Dragonborn): Bred as sorcerer-warriors by a forgotten sorcerer-king, the Dray are now slavers and largely outsiders among the civilized races of Athas.
    Dwarf: Hairless, stoic, and single-minded, dwarfs of Athas are a people without a homeland of their own.
    Eladrin: Mostly unknown to the other races of Athas, the Eladrin are a bitter people who despise arcane magic for almost completely destroying their home, the Land Within the Winds.
    Elf: Tall, long-legged desert rovers who wander the wastes in tribes as merchants, herders, hucksters, thieves, and raiders.
    Half-Elemental (Genasi): A reclusive race that lives on a remote island in the Sea of Silt (note: Watersoul and Stormsoul are not allowed).
    Half-Elf: Shunned and mistrusted by both sides of their lineage, half-elves are forced to live the life of a loners, dealing with hostility scorn on a daily basis.
    Half-Giant (Goliath): Generations ago, the sorcerer-kings magically combined giants with humans to create a short-tempered and mercurial warrior race of incredible strength.
    Halfling: Mostly hailing from the Forest Ridge, halfling are fierce, xenophobic cannibals with a deep reverence for the natural word.
    Human: Resourceful and hardy, humans are the most numerous and diverse people in the Tyr Region.
    Kalashtar: Mostly indistinguishable from normal humans, Kalashtar are a psionically adept subset of the human race, evolved from psionic masters who trained in remote monasteries long ago.
    Kalid (Shadar-kai): Citizens of the city-state of Kalidnay whose evolution has been influenced by their generations in the Gray, turning them into a seperate race of humans.
    Minotaur: Born from the same elemental magic as beast-headed giants, Minotaurs now exist as reavers living in the badlands of Athas.
    Mul: Phenomenally tough mix of dwarven and human bloodlines, bled mostly for gladiatorial games and slave labor.
    Revenant: It is not uncommon for the undead of Athas to retain the personality, characteristics, and goals that they had in life.
    Shade: Citizens – usually templars – of Kalidnay who went beyond being subtly influenced by the Gray, instead trading part of their soul for a piece of the Gray’s mysterous power.
    Thri-Kreen: Insectlike hunters who travel in packs called clutches, they are considered exotic and alien by most other Athasians.
    Tiefling: Tiefling have a mysterious history involving a bargain with a dark power. They mostly live on the fringes of society as nomads, but they harbor a bloodlust that leads many to become the most fierce and terrifying raiders in the wasteland.

2. Choose Class: The following classes are NOT allowed:
– All divine classes
– Artificer
– Vampire

While not banned from play, certain builds – such as fey pact warlocks – don’t fit perfectly in Athas. Make sure to supply a compelling justification for such unique powers when considering your character’s history.

Every character has a psionic wild talent, chosen at random.

Paragon paths from the Forgotten Realms and Eberron campaign guides need to be run by me before chosen for a character.

3. Choose Theme: The following themes are allowed:
– All Dark Sun themes
– Animal Master
– Explorer
– Guardian
– Mercenary
– Noble
– Outlaw

4. Determine ability scores: Choose from one of the three standard arrays.

5. Choose skilss: As usual.

6. Choose backgrounds: It is suggested that you chose a racial, geographical, and “story” background for your character to help flesh out their history, but you should only gain a benefit from one. Racial and geographical backgrounds should come from the DCCS. Other backgrounds are most likely from PHB2. Forgotten Realms and Eberron backgrounds are not allowed without permission.

7. Select Feats: Feats from the Forgotten Realms and Eberron are not allowed without permission.

8. Choose Powers: As usual. If you somehow find yourself with access to powers with the divine keyword, you are not allowed to use them.

9. Choose Equipment: As uaual. Remember to look at unique Athasian weapons and to take into consideration the weapons breakage rule and the heavy armor penalty.

10. Fill in the numbers: As usual.

11. Roleplaying Character Details: As usual. Pull together your theme and backgrounds to flesh our you character’s history. Try to come up with some ally and enemy NPCs for the DM to use, and a personal minor quest for your character to be working towards.

Character Creation

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