Freedom’s Price


It is the Year of Priest’s Defianace in the 190th King’s Age. Rumors of the unthinkable have spread throughout the Tyr Region: a sorcerer-king has fallen. King Kalak of Tyr, slain by the spear of gladiator. Now, slavery has been outlawed in the city-state and, for the first time in memory, every citizen of Tyr experiences the thrill of freedom. But such a prize does not come cheaply, and there are those who see Kalak’s fall as only an opportunity for their own gain. It seems only a matter time before the price is paid in blood.

As word spreads, you find yourself on your way to Altaruk, a trading village at the crossroads between Tyr and Balic. What does this revolution mean for you, and how long will it be before it touches your life directly?

Welcome to the burnt world of Athas.

Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

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