Veiled Alliance

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The Veiled Alliance is a secret society that protects spellcasters who choose the path of the preserver. The cabal has cells throughout the Tyr Region, mostly in the city-states. Each cell operates independently, with no central authority to answer to. Leaders of each cell oversee the training of warriors, spys, and other agents – especially those who use arcane power.

All of the Alliance’s activities are directed towards the protection of preservers and the downfall of the sorcerer-kings. This opposition makes them a rebel movement, consistently hunted by templars and those looking to gain favor with them.

The Tyr Alliance

With King Kalak dead, Tyr’s members hotly debate a central issue: Divulgence. Those who argue for immediate revelation include several Myrmeleons. Others favor continued secrecy. On each side a few members argue for a middle course of gradual revelation.


Mathias Morthen
Romila Parthian

Contacting the Alliance in Tyr

The Tyr Alliance, small like all Alliances (it currently has fewer than 100 members), cannot monitor the city-state and surrounding territories in depth. But because Tyr covers so little area, hardly more than a square mile, open display of magic in any public place often alerts at least one member wizard. If the foolhardy public mage avoids instant lynching, the Alliance may soon contact him or her with warnings or aid.

Those who want to contact the Alliance without throwing fireballs on a crowded street should look
for a plaza “bathed in bright yellow light. . . surrounded by six wine shops, two brothels, and a gambling house, all of which have burning torches in the sconces outside their doors.” (Troy Denning, The Verdant Passage, page 85.) Suspicious and shady characters dwell here in the Elven Market, so many that one more (such as a mage) usually escapes notice. Characters should check the Drunken Giant wine shop.

Veiled Alliance

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