Episode Guide

Season 1
Betrayal at Altaruk

A wily elf trader who is moving cargo from Tyr to Altaruk hires the heroes to guard his caravan.

Veiled Threat

A prominent mercenary captain is murdered in the arena stands as the heroes battle on the field.

An Obsidian Rain

On a trade route to the city-state of Tyr, a caravan is assaulted by a deadly obsidian shardstorm, forcing the survivors to navigate the wastes to safety.

Tomb of a Long, Lost Age

As the heroes continue their attempts to evade the storm’s wrath, they find shelter in a tomb long since abandoned.

Flight to Tyr

Finding themselves int he clutches of a halfling tribe that could mean a grisly end, the heroes must travel through more of Athas’ uniquely terrifying lands to emerge at the gates of Tyr.

The Lost Cistern of Aravek

One of the political factions in Tyr employs the heroes and tasks them to find an ancient cistern created by the long-dead preserver Aravek.

Road to Urik

The newly freed city-state of Tyr faces a military threat from the nearby city-state of Urik, and it falls on the heroes to assist in its defense

Revenge of the Marauders

The raider lord Yarnath prowls the wastelands in his crawling citadel called Slither, coming closer and closer to possessing an artifact capable of controlling a being powerful enough to slay gods. Will the heroes stand in his way?

Arcane Shadows

The heroes must trek across the wastelands in order to save the life of a preserver who may prove vital to the future of Athas.

Beneath the Dust

The heroes seek a primordial tree of life, a prize of inestimable value to both preservers and defilers.

Asticlian Gambit

The heroes find themselves pawns in a dangerous game between sorcerer-kings and mysterious members of one of Tyr’s esteemed noble houses.

Episode Guide

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