Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 106: Flight to Tyr, Part 1
Campaign Date: 1st of Smolder, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Forest ridge

The heroes had their gear stripped from them, sacks placed over their head, and were marched forward by their halfling captors. When the sacks were removed, they found themselves caged and surrounded by the unbridled greenery of the Forest Ridge. Their attempt to escape did not go entirely smoothly, and they alerted the entire tribe to their actions on the way out. Forced to fight with extremely limited resources, the party still managed to recover their gear from the storehouse where it was being kept. Fleeing through the wilderness, the party stopped to rest in a clearing. The clearing was a rare spot still somewhat connected to the Land Within the Winds. A large group of lizard-like creatures and a panther attacked from the woods surrounding the clearing, and only K’akorot and Lukotta were able to escape with their lives. They were lucky enough to run into two Veiled Alliance members who had been searching for them, but were also now lost in the mountains. The party finally found an area close to the Ringing Mountains, where they could hope to scale down to Tyr below. In a flash, a chunk of cliffside inexplicable fell from the mountainside, creating a makeshift brdige between the Forest Ridge and the Ringing Mountains. Several Gith were waiting on the other side, but, rather than battle, the party decided to offer a portion of their supplies to the group in return for being allowed to pass unmolested. The Gith took the supplies and left, but the bridge itself was charged with arcane energies that proved volatile to party’s crossing. The Veiled Alliance members used their skills to draw out and release the energy, and finally allow the group a chance to make it to Tyr alive.

Notes: Belz and Sahale both lost their lives in that clearing atop the Forest Ridge.

Episode 105: Tomb of a Long, Lost Age, Part 2
Campaign Date: 30th of Sorrow - 1st of Smolder, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age


The heroes climbed down the hole that was covered in crystalline webs to find a man-made tomb, complete with traps and guardian golems. After felling the golems, the heroes recovered their key and made their way into a chamber filled with hejkin. When the heroes’ attempt at stealth failed, battle was joined. When the long battle finally ended, the party mourned their dead and prepared to rest, until they were interrupted by an air spirit corrupted by defiling magic. The mad spirit summoned allies to his side and attacked the party, but the group managed to pin him down and finish him off. Afterwards, two more elemental spirits appeared to apologize for the air spirit’s action. They bestowed upon the party a boon and some advice: “Know that the one who hunts you is not entirely lost; he can be reformed.”

The next day, the party squirmed their way through the access tunnels left behind by the hejkin. When they finally found their way out, they were surrounded by dozens of spears being held by dozens of halflings.

Notes: The battle with the hejkin was nearly a TPK. As it was, Kael’stral (Jacob’s hexblade) fell in the battle.

Episode 104: Tomb of a Long, Lost Age, Part 1
Campaign Date: 29th - 30th of Sorrow , Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age of

Crystal spider

A group of travelers on a caravan were attacked by a megapede. They survived only because the megapede chose to chase after the half-giant who ran away and ended up distracted by another group of travelers. These new heroes wandered the wastes for some time before reaching the outskirts of the Ringing Mountains. While searching for a safe place to take shelter, Belz came running over the dunes with a party of Ssuran in pursuit. Despite the incursion of an Ankheg, the heroes made short work of the threat. Having finally found a cave in the mountains side, the heroes sought shelter, only to have another group of Ssurans roll a boulder over the entrace, sealing them inside.

The heroes found that the cave continued inwards. Their exploration awoke several restless dead. Fighting their way further in, the heroes came upon the lair of a crystal spider. After slaying their beast, they hacked the way through her sharp webbing to find a hole in the ground leading into a man-made chamber.

Notes: The new, perfectly-balanced group kicked ass during this session.

Episode 103: An Obsidian Rain
Campaign Date: 29th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Dust devil

The surviving heroes continue to flee from the obsidian shardstorm. They come across an elemental spirit of fire who tells them that he is stuck where he is until the peoples of Athas come together to bring about a new Green Age. The spirit vanishes just as the heroes are set upon by wild kanks. Having survived that encounter, the heroes seem to find a moment of respite in a badlands canyon where a fruit bearing cactus grows, but a tribe of scaly desert-folk have their eyes set on the same fruit. Brule nearly perishes in the battle, but last minute heroics by his allies saves his life. Leaving the canyon, the heroes run into a wasteland nomad; a dwarf named Ralo who studies preserving magic. He tells them that he’s never seen obsidian rain before, but a ssuran called the Wastewalker, who hates spellcasters of any kind, might be responsible for the unnatural occurrence. Their conversation is interrupted by an ambush from a ssuran shaman – likely one of the Wastewalker’s followers. The shaman summons a handful of dust devils who quickly decimate the party, including Ralo and Phye. Belz is the only one who survives the onslaught, barely escaping the pursuing elementals, and is left to wander the desert alone.

Notes: Zaad and Brule fall in battle, leaving Belz as the only original party member still surviving. He will surely need allies to make it back to Tyr alive.

Episode 102: Veiled Threat
Campaign Date: 27th-29th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

The heroes have spent the last few weeks in Altaruk. With the influx of cheap workers in the form of recently free slaves, and a slowdown in trade thanks to the upheaval in Tyr, significant work has been hard to find. The heroes have been doing small jobs in Altaruk, including participating in the games at Bloodsand Arena. They compete in the final match of the day, a group battle against a party of gith. The battle is long and harsh. In the end, only a single gith is left standing, with Jekta lying dead on the arena floor. A murder took place in the stands during the match, and Arisphistaneles sends Selonius to hire the heroes to investigate. It turns out that Tellemon is the victim, and the investigation leads the heroes to corner a mul gladiator and Birk Suntouched in a gladiator training house. Birk asks to be to taken to the governor, where he explains that he hired the gladiator to kill Tellemon when he found out that the guard was a member of the True plotting to kill Arisphistaneles. With everything cleared up, Arisphistaneles thanks and rewards the heroes for their help, and invites them to join his cell of the Veiled Alliance.

A few days later, the heroes are summoned for their initiation task. They are asked to escort Barcan, a sorcerer newly recruited to the Veiled alliance, and his sister, Phye, back to Tyr via caravan. Soon after leaving, the caravan is struck by an obsidian shardstorm, which destroys the wagon and kills many of the travelers. Silt Runners surround and begin to raid the remains, forcing the heroes to fight past them. They only barely escape, leaving their fallen – Korik and Barcan – behind.

Notes: Jekta and Korik are dead. The heroes are now allies of the Veiled Alliance.

Episode 101: Betrayal At Altaruk
Campaign Date: 3rd - 9th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Dark sun elf

In Tyr, the heroes are hired by an elf merchant named Kaldras to escort a shipment of goods to Altaruk. The make the journey to the trade fortress, fighting off a raiding party on the way, only to have Kaldras betray them once they reach their destination. After the heroes quickly slay Kaldras, the fight is broken up by Tellemon, captain of Altaruk’s mercenary guard. Tellemon decides that the dispute should be settled in the arena. The heroes are forced to compete in a game of “Coins in the Coffer” against Kaldras’s tribe. After winning, they are awarded the payment they were originally promised by Kaldras, as well as a chunk of Tellemon’s winnings from betting on the game.

Notes: Kaldras is now quite thoroughly deceased. Tellemon seems to look on the heroes favorably after their performance in the game. In total, the group earned 300 gold bits.


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