Mathias Morthen

Veiled Alliance Leader


Matthias is balding, jowly, with pendulous earlobes, but genial, possessing an incongruously wise look. He dresses simply, except for two copper armbands, which are legacies from his father.


Matthias’s profound learning, skill, and experience have earned him wide respect and have brought Tyr’s Alliance through difficult times under Kalak. So far as everyday administration goes, Matthias surpasses all others. But now that Kalak has died, some say the times demand new strategies such as Divulgence.

For new strategies though one cannot look to Matthias. His lengthy tenure has taught him strength, but has also given him the limited outlook of a (albeit competent) mid-level bureaucrat. He resists all arguments for Divulgence, citing many reasonable lessons from his three decades of experience.

Mathias Morthen

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