Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 104: Tomb of a Long, Lost Age, Part 1

Campaign Date: 29th - 30th of Sorrow , Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age of

Crystal spider

A group of travelers on a caravan were attacked by a megapede. They survived only because the megapede chose to chase after the half-giant who ran away and ended up distracted by another group of travelers. These new heroes wandered the wastes for some time before reaching the outskirts of the Ringing Mountains. While searching for a safe place to take shelter, Belz came running over the dunes with a party of Ssuran in pursuit. Despite the incursion of an Ankheg, the heroes made short work of the threat. Having finally found a cave in the mountains side, the heroes sought shelter, only to have another group of Ssurans roll a boulder over the entrace, sealing them inside.

The heroes found that the cave continued inwards. Their exploration awoke several restless dead. Fighting their way further in, the heroes came upon the lair of a crystal spider. After slaying their beast, they hacked the way through her sharp webbing to find a hole in the ground leading into a man-made chamber.

Notes: The new, perfectly-balanced group kicked ass during this session.



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