Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 106: Flight to Tyr, Part 1

Campaign Date: 1st of Smolder, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Forest ridge

The heroes had their gear stripped from them, sacks placed over their head, and were marched forward by their halfling captors. When the sacks were removed, they found themselves caged and surrounded by the unbridled greenery of the Forest Ridge. Their attempt to escape did not go entirely smoothly, and they alerted the entire tribe to their actions on the way out. Forced to fight with extremely limited resources, the party still managed to recover their gear from the storehouse where it was being kept. Fleeing through the wilderness, the party stopped to rest in a clearing. The clearing was a rare spot still somewhat connected to the Land Within the Winds. A large group of lizard-like creatures and a panther attacked from the woods surrounding the clearing, and only K’akorot and Lukotta were able to escape with their lives. They were lucky enough to run into two Veiled Alliance members who had been searching for them, but were also now lost in the mountains. The party finally found an area close to the Ringing Mountains, where they could hope to scale down to Tyr below. In a flash, a chunk of cliffside inexplicable fell from the mountainside, creating a makeshift brdige between the Forest Ridge and the Ringing Mountains. Several Gith were waiting on the other side, but, rather than battle, the party decided to offer a portion of their supplies to the group in return for being allowed to pass unmolested. The Gith took the supplies and left, but the bridge itself was charged with arcane energies that proved volatile to party’s crossing. The Veiled Alliance members used their skills to draw out and release the energy, and finally allow the group a chance to make it to Tyr alive.

Notes: Belz and Sahale both lost their lives in that clearing atop the Forest Ridge.



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