Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 105: Tomb of a Long, Lost Age, Part 2

Campaign Date: 30th of Sorrow - 1st of Smolder, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age


The heroes climbed down the hole that was covered in crystalline webs to find a man-made tomb, complete with traps and guardian golems. After felling the golems, the heroes recovered their key and made their way into a chamber filled with hejkin. When the heroes’ attempt at stealth failed, battle was joined. When the long battle finally ended, the party mourned their dead and prepared to rest, until they were interrupted by an air spirit corrupted by defiling magic. The mad spirit summoned allies to his side and attacked the party, but the group managed to pin him down and finish him off. Afterwards, two more elemental spirits appeared to apologize for the air spirit’s action. They bestowed upon the party a boon and some advice: “Know that the one who hunts you is not entirely lost; he can be reformed.”

The next day, the party squirmed their way through the access tunnels left behind by the hejkin. When they finally found their way out, they were surrounded by dozens of spears being held by dozens of halflings.

Notes: The battle with the hejkin was nearly a TPK. As it was, Kael’stral (Jacob’s hexblade) fell in the battle.



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