Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 103: An Obsidian Rain

Campaign Date: 29th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Dust devil

The surviving heroes continue to flee from the obsidian shardstorm. They come across an elemental spirit of fire who tells them that he is stuck where he is until the peoples of Athas come together to bring about a new Green Age. The spirit vanishes just as the heroes are set upon by wild kanks. Having survived that encounter, the heroes seem to find a moment of respite in a badlands canyon where a fruit bearing cactus grows, but a tribe of scaly desert-folk have their eyes set on the same fruit. Brule nearly perishes in the battle, but last minute heroics by his allies saves his life. Leaving the canyon, the heroes run into a wasteland nomad; a dwarf named Ralo who studies preserving magic. He tells them that he’s never seen obsidian rain before, but a ssuran called the Wastewalker, who hates spellcasters of any kind, might be responsible for the unnatural occurrence. Their conversation is interrupted by an ambush from a ssuran shaman – likely one of the Wastewalker’s followers. The shaman summons a handful of dust devils who quickly decimate the party, including Ralo and Phye. Belz is the only one who survives the onslaught, barely escaping the pursuing elementals, and is left to wander the desert alone.

Notes: Zaad and Brule fall in battle, leaving Belz as the only original party member still surviving. He will surely need allies to make it back to Tyr alive.



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