Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 102: Veiled Threat

Campaign Date: 27th-29th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

The heroes have spent the last few weeks in Altaruk. With the influx of cheap workers in the form of recently free slaves, and a slowdown in trade thanks to the upheaval in Tyr, significant work has been hard to find. The heroes have been doing small jobs in Altaruk, including participating in the games at Bloodsand Arena. They compete in the final match of the day, a group battle against a party of gith. The battle is long and harsh. In the end, only a single gith is left standing, with Jekta lying dead on the arena floor. A murder took place in the stands during the match, and Arisphistaneles sends Selonius to hire the heroes to investigate. It turns out that Tellemon is the victim, and the investigation leads the heroes to corner a mul gladiator and Birk Suntouched in a gladiator training house. Birk asks to be to taken to the governor, where he explains that he hired the gladiator to kill Tellemon when he found out that the guard was a member of the True plotting to kill Arisphistaneles. With everything cleared up, Arisphistaneles thanks and rewards the heroes for their help, and invites them to join his cell of the Veiled Alliance.

A few days later, the heroes are summoned for their initiation task. They are asked to escort Barcan, a sorcerer newly recruited to the Veiled alliance, and his sister, Phye, back to Tyr via caravan. Soon after leaving, the caravan is struck by an obsidian shardstorm, which destroys the wagon and kills many of the travelers. Silt Runners surround and begin to raid the remains, forcing the heroes to fight past them. They only barely escape, leaving their fallen – Korik and Barcan – behind.

Notes: Jekta and Korik are dead. The heroes are now allies of the Veiled Alliance.



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