Dark Sun: Freedom's Price

Episode 101: Betrayal At Altaruk

Campaign Date: 3rd - 9th of Sorrow, Year of Priest's Defiance in the 190th King's Age

Dark sun elf

In Tyr, the heroes are hired by an elf merchant named Kaldras to escort a shipment of goods to Altaruk. The make the journey to the trade fortress, fighting off a raiding party on the way, only to have Kaldras betray them once they reach their destination. After the heroes quickly slay Kaldras, the fight is broken up by Tellemon, captain of Altaruk’s mercenary guard. Tellemon decides that the dispute should be settled in the arena. The heroes are forced to compete in a game of “Coins in the Coffer” against Kaldras’s tribe. After winning, they are awarded the payment they were originally promised by Kaldras, as well as a chunk of Tellemon’s winnings from betting on the game.

Notes: Kaldras is now quite thoroughly deceased. Tellemon seems to look on the heroes favorably after their performance in the game. In total, the group earned 300 gold bits.



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